1.  Higher Commissions. Absolute Realty Inc. has higher commission split in your favor-100%.

2.  No Franchise Fees. Absolute Realty Inc. won't charge you a cent in franchise fees. You get to pocket the savings!

3.  Low Overheads. Join Absolute Realty Inc.and you will enjoy the benefits of low overheads,
saving you even more.

4.  Full Time or Part Time Salespersons. Full Time or Part Time members are all welcome at Absolute Realty Inc.

5.  24 x 7 Service. Our office is backed up by a 24-hour answering service.

6.  In-House Mortgage Service: You don't have to go far to get great mortgage deals - we have in-house mortgage service.

7. Free Training. We provide on the job practical training to our salespersons.

8. Enjoyable Work Atmosphere. At Absolute Realty Inc., there are no monthly sales meetings, no sales pressure.

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